A Mad World!

All the online girls who fall in love with me after reading my poetry suffer the so-called HTTPD, Heart Transport Through Poetry Disorder.

I want my words make an impact, to move heart, but they should keep their mind, be realistic. There is great deal of mental illness in affluent Western societies. What happens is that idle body leads to idle mind leading to erroneous thoughts leading to mental illness. Able and busy body will help to avoid that. So reading too many damn books can be dangerous or harmful.

For me not only surviving in this online crazy poetry world but dominating and directing it is quite an accomplishment. Going in I knew they needed help bigly! Saying “crazy” world is actually an understatement. You got no idea how scared I was at the beginning. Just like skiing down the slope for the first time ….. in the dark!

Floating alone on the sea of love, I feel quite free indeed! Maybe i am mental too, as I always like to be alone; that’s why I love to walk along the railroad tracks.

I am too old for that! I don’t see the point, as what you write is entertaining but it does not touch my heart. I do enjoy it though for I can peek in a different world. Taking it back, I can say that I know women pretty well…. I can read their souls. One thing for certainty: I have never met a woman who is not considered hormonal by myself. hahaha


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