~”your poems make them suffer…”

~”your poems make them suffer…”
i beg to differ
i can’t concur
~”what is it to differ, concur?”
that i write poems to make her suffer
to write to satisfy my ego
to feel my pride glow
not to advocate love
but to make someone suffer
for my own selfish interest
and that’s most adsurb farthest
from the truth making me subdued
so now i will render my pen
to cob web to the old attic den
no more that i will get blamed
for something so more precious than fame
which is my honor of the most famous poet
the one who had set out not to conquest
but love, only love every land to beget
so now today is my last day
not the day on earth but being buried in dirt
for i shall let my pen rusted
before i pick up the pen again to convert
my passionate feelings into words of hurt
whether it’s simply misunderstand
and apology is currently advanced
i won’t accept your amend
because i am Da man!


song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_vxkF0L_Iw

i have threatened so many times, so the girls probably don’t even pay attention to my announcement. i can never say no …. i wish i could be little more resolute!

See, if you leave me alone, I can write like this one forever! Do I have a deal?

hahahaah, it’s funny, jealousy gets you nowhere.

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2 Responses to ~”your poems make them suffer…”

  1. paperchainx says:

    I actually loved this

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