Faithful To His First Love

____Faithful To His First Love

My heart can be full of romance
but it’s also ancient.
My emotions are being tamed
but because they are raging.
My life is dedicated
for the love in me to be sedated.
My spoken words are soothing
to heal the broken which includes my own.
My smiles naturally blossom
in facing adversities and faces forlorn.
The songs written to be played;
the poet’s heart are on full display,
not Love to betray but to be slayed
to be faithful to an ancient prayer.

I have a desire to love, love justly though. I have a desire to feel loved and express love most eloquently and poetry is just a perfect medium for that. True, I am a fisherman who likes to bring sentimental feelings to a broken world. Warn you, the side effect can be dangerous! (smiling broadly)

i am writing poems to touch hearts. ( who doesn’t?) you might label me one way or another; but the truth is that I am a romantic poet. No more, no less, and absolutely no hidden motive __ still no romance needed or solicited! i am writing to beatify the world with love.

true, i am not innocent, which i admit. But we learn from our mistakes and move on. it’s tough job and you must give me some credit… see you!

” if my absence stirs up someone’s emotions, it’s just as good as my presence.” 

(my bad, wrong quote, she’s talking to someone else.)

” I don’t like reading because I don’t want to disrupt my thoughts.”

” if I get lost in my own world, i will find my way eventually; plus i need no guide”

“you can correct me as much as you want as long as i’m right.” 


” oftentimes i debate, should i read or write; and write is always right.” *’)

” my thought always lingers after a sad story is told.”

(cross that as she had the same feeling, even mine is original.)

A tip for you: when i’m depressed, i constantly remind myself that I am depressed.

















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