New Religion: Directive 8

At the beginning God made man and woman, by the destruction of the foundation of marriage, it will be much easier for Satan to capture souls.

When you take down the distinction of sexes, you take down the morality of man.

Is there homosexuality or bi-sexuality or what-ever-sex-it-is in animal kingdom? I don’t think anybody ever poses such a question. Animals are still obedient to God, to the natural law.

Talking about sins is one of spiritual acts of mercy; it’s love, not hate.

“We are energy; we are gods.” No wonder I do stink like gasoline! hahahah!

To celebrate Fathers’ Day, let’s talk about the role of a father:

To destroy humanity, simple, take father out of the equation. Let women rule the world!

An authoritative figure of a father is the first and foremost must for a healthy family.

“A father is like the roof of a house.” How about a mother? I think she is the walls embracing and giving comforts to her household. How about the floor or foundation? Love. What happens if mother is the roof, father the walls, and the world as floor?

The flaws of a father are magnified in his children.

A father governs his household with both heart and head. I don’t mean a mother doesn’t.

The only principle I need to be the best father I can be is Love. I do pray a lot about it. When you love a child, he and and she can see it even if you are wrong.

It’s not easy to be a good father, a lot of improvising, a lot of caring from a distance. I am working on speaking less with more effects.

A true father is the one who loves to be a father. Kind of obvious. Don’t you think?

Don’t blame society or anyone else if you have failed as a father.

Crisis of fatherhood is to me number-two crisis of society. what is number-one? Your pick.

A perfect father is the one who puts his children first before himself. That’s one of reasons that I hate divorce.

I once told my oldest son that I wished I was half a man he was. And he cried as he knew his father meant it.

I am a father who cries easily. And my emotion gets both the best and the worst out of me. I think I am very approach-able to all my children.

Am I a firm father, readily to discipline his children? You bet!

To this day I still don’t like Father’s Day Hallmark’s card.

That’s it! I need to get ready for Mass; tomorrow I have to drive out of town to pick up my son who is at camp. See you!


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