___ another Lao-Tzu poem -contentment

“When you are content to be yourself
and don’t compare or compete,
everyone will respect you.” Lao-Tzu

You are unique, show it,
by honoring and trusting yourself.
You are mystique, study it
by revealing yourself sparingly
to receptive audience but not a ruly one.
Why compares yourself to anyone
when you are content with your nature?
Let’s be the gentle stature to be observed
No competition is aroused, no frown.
Self confidence commands respect.


I know we all feel a sense of loss, but it’s just a feeling of falling in love; it’s not real, as i am not real. Time will heal. In a way I am glad of my recent blunder though; thanks to it we can now put an end this epic or saga. I wish you the best; for me I don’t know what I am going to do ; first thing will be reading Emily’s poem book or watch a movie or something. 

one last thing : i apologize for all the wrongs i did to you. would you forgive me?


( this must be the 30th bye I had said! it’s ridiculous!)

maybe i just internalize everything, silly things. you are all tired of me, just can’t wait to see me gone…. but don’t be so explicit about it, for i might hang around to torture you some more! *’) you know me and the things i can cook up.

i think i am going to watch ” Jane Austen bookclub ” movie tonight… it looks interesting… one guy among a bunch of girls; I can relate to that …

See yaahhh !!!



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